BMAT Exam Date in Palermo

Thurs 2nd November 2017

Exam Fee: €150,00
Late Entry Fee: €100,00

    BMAT 2017 Deadlines

    • 1st September 2017 - Entry opening date
    • Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Last date for modified question paper requests (e.g Braille or enlarged)
    • Thurs 26th Septemer 2017 - Entry Closing Date with standard fee (€150).
    • Friday 15th October 2017 - Entry Closing Date with late fee (€100)
    • Thursday 2nd November 2017 h 9:00 AM - Exam Day

    EXAM FEE: 150 €

    All results will be released via the Results Online system on 2nd January 2018.

    BMAT Official Logo
    BMAT Official Logo
    Admission to British Universities for subjects such as Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science is only possible if students fulfill all necessary requirements. Personal statements, school results, University applications and references. An other important pre-requisite for the best faculties is the BMAT.

    Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College of London require a high score on the BMAT in order to shortlist potential students for their upcoming undergraduate courses. The next BMAT exam will be in November 2017. Candidates will need to show they have taken this exam in order to be eligible for registrations to Academic year 2017/18.

    International House Language Centre is the only authorised centre for the BMAT in Palermo. Please visit the official BMAT website for further information.

    UCAS Personal ID

    A UCAS personal ID should be available on the day of the registration. UCAS is the organisation responsible for managing applications to all University courses in the UK. This ID is not compulsory for registration, but it will be needed when processing your application with a British University, so it's a good idea to get registered with UCAS before you take your BMAT test.
    Click here to visit the UCAS website.