From Wikipedia:

"Blended learning is the combination of multiple approaches to pedagogy or teaching [...]. It can be accomplished through the use of 'blended' virtual and physical resources. Examples include combinations of technology-based materials and traditional print materials".

Blended learning combines teaching and guided study, giving more attention to the individual student while also letting them have more responsibility for what they are learning.

IH Palermo offers the updated IH Campus (aka Macmillan English Campus or MEC) to its students. The online suite of exercises is made up of interactive learning materials and uses the latest techniques and technologies for studying the English Language.

The IH English Campus is online and can be used both here at the school or at home by all post-elementary level students.

IH Palermo also offers the world famous netlanguages®. This is developed by IH and it is one of the best recognised blended learning set of resources available today.

netlanguages® is freely available to all our students in the computer lab here at the school.

IH Campus and netlanguages can both be used during the Personalised Study Programme (PSP) hours.