Self Access/Guided Study Centre

All students are asked to take an active part in the learning process and are encouraged to do 10 hours of Guided Study (GS). The school offers numerous top range programmes the students can use to revise, practise and expand the knowledge of the language studied in class.

The teacher has a central role in the guided study as he/she can assign specific tasks to individual students or the class as a whole which will result an effective learning process.

The Guided Study Form

A Guided Study form is provided where the student can write down the activites that were studied. This form is collected by the teacher at the end of the course. The Guided Study Form can be picked up at the IH Palermo reception.

The Progress Test

Included in the IH Palermo Guided Study is our Progress test, which normally lasts around 45 minutes. The progress test takes place half the way through the course and it is an important instrument to verify the progress of each student and of the class as a whole.

Blended Learning and other systems

Each student of Level 3 and above receives a password for IH Campus, IH Palermos's most powerful tool in the hands of a learner. Here in the school you will also gain access to Net Languages and many more IHWO and third party resources.