InSeT (In-Service training) is deemed essential by International House. A professional teacher is one who is constantly developing by:

  • learning new practical teaching methods and techniques
  • sharing personal experience with others
  • keeping abreast of the latest development in the EFL field

The Director of Studies (DoS) is responsible for IH Palermo's in-service teacher training programme (InSeT). There is a regular observation programme, including peer observation, when cover permits.

For new teachers there are at least 2 formal observations and 2 PDIs (Professional/Personal Development Interviews). One at the end of October / beginning of November and one in March / April. All teachers, both Italian and English, are followed closely by the Director of Studies.

There are fortnightly seminars / workshops which aim to develop the teachers' awareness of both current methodology and the theory underlying it.

We aim to provide our teachers with the tools they need to ensure a high quality of language teaching and learning.

Students' benefits

Students will explore all the different aspects of the language - speaking, reading, writing and listening. The teacher will be able to motivate and stimulate his/her class by putting in practice all the ideas and techniques that were revised or learned during the InSeT.
Classes will therefore be stimulating and entertaining as the teacher uses the most up to date methodology, including such elements as: television, DVD, songs, videos, photos, pictures, computers, the Internet newspapers, magazines, role plays, games, et cetera.

IHWO also organises numerous TT courses online, for more info please visit OTTI