Your language ability may be described by a set of Levels. IH Palermo bases its levels on the CEF and ALTE system.

CEF (Common European Framework for Languages) uses short descriptors (descriptions of ability) to summarise your language competence. Your level will be tested before you join a course, unless you are new to the language, in which case you will be advised to join a Beginners' course.


Almost all courses at International House last 50 hours (40 class hours plus 10 hours of personalised guided study ). The different types of courses are:

  • Full Immersion 5 classes per week = 4 weeks
  • Semi-Intensive 3 classes per week = 3 months
  • Standard 2 classes per week = 4 months

Other mini courses are available throughout the year depending on demand.
These include:

One of our Rooms

  • Italian/English Consolidation courses
  • One-to-one lessons (subject to availability)
  • Specialised English (Business, Medical, Legal, and more)
  • English through the medium of film
  • English for tourism
  • English and Computers

Test your level on-line