Teaching Methodology

A communicative approach is used in our class teaching. Lessons are held in English (or in Italian if you study Italian!) from the first lesson and the core linguistic activites are presented in real contexts. This method ensures that students learn to communicate from the start.

The four communicative abilities: speaking, understanding, reading and writing are taught with different levels of complexity. Students are placed in a class of learners with abilites similar to theirs.

Grammar is taught deductively, so that it is understood while using it and so that it does not become the aim of the lesson.

Fluency and vocabulary are expanded jointly with the student's communicative accuracy.

We firmly believe that having fun while learning leads to the best results.

All our teachers use the most up-to-date teaching instruments to make the lessons pleasant, stimulating and interactive. Every teacher at IH Palermo holds a university degree, the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) and has years of teaching experience.

Our teaching aims at improving your communicative abilities, your self confidence and your competence in speaking English (or Italian!) both at work and in every day situations.

A teacher at the whiteboard

A teacher at work

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