IH Certificate in teaching Young Learners&Teenagers

The International House Certificate in teaching Younger Learners and Teenagers (IH CYLT) is a teacher training course and certificate which is designed to prepare Course Participants (CPs) to teach English as a foreign or an additional language (EFL/EAL) to children between 3 and 16 years old.

Course dates 2018

July 2018

11th –24thJuly 2018
July 2018 course, places available
Price: 850 Euro; certificate fee included


Course Participants tend to be experienced YL teachers who would like further training and an opportunity to reflect on this area or qualified language teachers who find themselves needing to teach YLs.

The IH CYLT course is now available to non-CELTA teachers as well as CELTA qualified teachers. Participants would normally be experienced YL teachers who would like further training and an opportunity to reflect on this area or qualified language teachers who find themselves needing to teach young learners.

The objective of the course is to introduce course participants to the principles involved in teaching Young Learners (YLs) and Teenagers, and to help them consider, evaluate and develop their own teaching skills in this area.

  • Participants must have a minimum English language level of C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. All of the sessions are presented in English and the written assignments must be written in English
  • Participants must successfully complete the application form and task sheet 
  • Participants must be 18 years or older and be educated to university entrance level 
  • Participants must display an interest in teaching YLs and hold a CRB clearance certificate or equivalent, if necessary and in agreement with the laws of the country in which the course is taking place 
  • Input sessions: covering areas such as Child Development, Clarifying and Practising Language, L1 in the classroom, Teaching Adolescents, Material Design and Selection. These are conducted online, in your own time with
  • Teaching practice: One of the major focuses of the course is being able to put the theory presented in the input sessions into practice. There are 4 assessed teaching practice (TP) lessons amounting to at least 3 teaching hours.
  • Lesson planning: Lesson planning is considered a significant factor to developing as a teacher. Although teachers would not normally be expected to write detailed lesson plans for every lesson they teach, the plans CPs produce for this course need to demonstrate their thought processes and show that they are aware of everything that is being presented to them.
  • Written assignments: There are two written assignments, one on teaching materials and a self-reflection task, which are designed to show that CPs have an understanding of teaching principles and their own development.
  • Portfolio tasks: Over the duration of the course CPs are asked to complete a variety of tasks and projects which are to be presented in the portfolio. These are related to the input sessions and reflect on teaching.
  • Observations: Throughout the course the CPs will complete six hours of observations, including videoed lessons, observation of experienced young learner teachers and peer observations. These will be arranged at IH Palermo.

July 2017

12th – 25th July 2017;
Price: 850 Euro certificate fee included

July 2017 course, places available

Download the Application Form and send it to dos@ihpalermo.it