Why I hate going to the supermarket...

Narrative tenses

Look at the title and predict why the writer hates going to the supermarket.

Read and check your ideas. He hates  

Fill the gaps in the sentences using the (verb) correctly.

I   (go) to the supermarket yesterday and as usual it   (be) really crowded. I   (decide) what type of milk to buy when a child   (say) to me “why is your shirt so clean?”. Before that moment I   (always think) that having a clean shirt was a good thing, but obviously not!

Anyway, I   (ignore) his comment and continued with my shopping. I   (be) in the supermarket for about 30 minutes and even though I still needed to buy lots of things, I   (think) to myself “that’s it, I can’t put up with this crowd of people anymore, I’m going”.

I   (go) to pay at the till, but as usual there   (be) a queue a mile long. I only had 6 things in my basket, but I   (not want) to ask to go ahead of anyone, as I hate it when people do that to me. I   (wait) in the queue for about 15 minutes when a woman came up to me and said “can I go in front of you, I only have 8 things”.

I   (tell) her to go away as I only had 6 things! She   (not listen) to me though, instead she asked the person in front of me if she could go ahead of him… and he   (say) yes! I told him that I   (already refuse) her request to go in front of me, but he said “come on mate… she’s only got 8 things”. “And I’ve only got 6!” I replied “so why can’t I go in front of you?!” “I can’t let 2 people go in front of me” he said.

So I   (have to) wait longer; whilst I   (wait) I   (think) “this is why I hate coming to the supermarket!”.