Future Forms

Read the sentences and answer the questions below.

The fantastic lesson at International House starts at 15.00.
We are having a Christmas party tomorrow, do you want to come?
I think England will win the World Cup.
Why didn’t you close the door? Uh! Don’t worry; I’ll close it… like always!
I know I failed the test mum, but I promise I’ll pass it next time!
The Simpsons are going to move to a new city as they don’t like Springfield anymore!
Watch out! You’re going to fall off your chair!

We use for future intentions.   

We use for promises.   

We use for predictions.   

We use for scheduled events.   

We use for planned future arrangements.   

We use for things you can see may happen in the very near future.   

We use for things that we decide at the moment of speaking.   

Now that you have learnt when to use the different forms, try this test!

I don’t think England ___________ the World Cup as they are rubbish at football!   

What ___________ this summer? Anything interesting?   

What time ___________? They say 11.27, but I’m sure it will be late!   

I ___________ lunch with Daniel today at 14.00, but I don’t really want to as I don’t like him!   

The concert ___________ at 21.00, but I want to get there early as I love Justin Bieber so much!   

I know my room is not tidy, but I promise___________ it tomorrow.   

Look at my Dad’s face… I think ___________ me – run!   

Your phone is ringing, it’s Dad.I ___________ it to surprise him!   

Do you want to come to the Rolling Stones concert tomorrow?
I can’t, I ___________ all day tomorrow   

I ___________ rich in a few years, watch this space!