Phrasal Verbs

If you want to get your English to a B1 level, these are phrasal verbs you should start using regularly.!

Do the quiz below and start using them in your speaking tomorrow

Choose the best description of meaning of the phrasal verbs below:

1. Robert takes after his Dad more than his Mum.  

2. I took up meditation last year, now I’m so much more relaxed.  

3. It’s not easy to pick up a new language, unless you go to International House of course ;)  

4. I love my brother, but I hate him at the same time! We fall out all the time, in fact at the moment we’re not speaking, but I’m sure everything will be fine again soon!  

5. Massimo found out that Michael Jackson had died via his friend’s post on Facebook.  

6. “Do you know the story about Romulus and Remus and Rome?” “Of course I do, I’m not an idiot like you – they were brought up by a wolf!”.  

7. Rob left Scotland because he couldn’t put up with Scottish people anymore!  

8. The teacher came up with a great idea; he said that every time someone says a word in Italian during the lesson they have to pay €1!  

9. My teacher told me I need to sort out my notes if I want to pass the exam.  

10. David and Victoria Beckham broke up last year.  

Choose the correct phrasal verbs for these sentences:

You really ______ your Dad, you’re both ugly!  

I ______ golf last week, but I’m already bored of it!  

I didn’t think it would ever happen, but after 15 years of living here Martin has finally ______ some Italian phrases!  

Many people are impolite nowadays; it’s not easy to ______ a polite child anymore!  

I hate it when I ______ people with my friends, as I don’t like it when we don’t speak to each other. I miss them!  

Who ______ this idea for the new logo? I hate it!  

Davide ______ a new way to improve his English… not to speak Italian during English lessons – amazing!  

Giulia wants to ______ her boyfriend because he smells really bad, but she doesn’t know how to tell him!  

My mum keeps telling me I need to ______ my life as it’s a mess…. she’s probably right!  

Jenny can’t ______ the “scirocco” anymore, so she’s going back to England!