Phrasal Verbs

If you want to get your English to a A2 level, these are phrasal verbs you should start using regularly.!

Do the quiz below and start using them in your speaking tomorrow

Choose the best description of meaning of the phrasal verbs below:

1. Robert wants to go to the pub tonight but he can’t because he has to look after his sister.  

2. Uh! I really wanted to have some cereal for breakfast, but we’ve run out of milk!  

3. The teachers at International House are great; they get on with all their students. :-)  

4. I really want to know the bad words in English, but when I look them up in a dictionary I can never find them!  

5. I love my brother, but I hate him at the same time! We fall out all the time, in fact at the moment we’re not speaking, but I’m sure everything will be fine again soon!  

6. Smoking and drinking is very bad for you, you need to give up at least one of these habits!  

7. “Hi mum, I’m at David’s house. It’s horrible here; could you pick me up please?”  

8. Martin hates going to London, as it’s always so cold and he always has to put on lots of clothes!  

9. Everybody thinks that New York is a great place to grow up in, but it’s not true, as there is no space in the city so children can’t run around!  

10. I went to all the designer shops yesterday, obviously I didn’t buy anything but it was fun trying everything on 

Choose the correct phrasal verbs for these sentences:

I didn’t know who Mark Zuckenburg was so I ___ it ___ online… he is the person that created Facebook!  

People say that I eat too much chocolate and I should ___ it ___, but it’s impossible, I love it too much!  

James is 39 and he doesn’t know how to drive so his mum still ___ him ___ from work every day and all of his friends laugh at him!  

Fiona doesn’t like talking to her boyfriend’s mum as she ___ things to say after 5 minutes then they sit there in silence.  

I don’t like buying clothes online as I like to ___ them ___ before I buy them.  

I hate it when I ___ people with my friends, as I don’t like it when we don’t speak to each other. I miss them!  

Salvatore lives in London, but she wants his children to ___ in a hot country so he wants to move to Australia.  

Francesca is very angry because she wanted to go out drinking with her friends tonight but she can’t because she has to ___ the family dog – she doesn’t even like the dog!  

Some people say that it’s not easy to ___ English people as they are closed and cold, so when you go to London it’s difficult to make new friends  

I was in Scotland in August and it was so cold that I had to ___ my coat!